Elisabeth Jörgensen

I am a telepathic writer and are continuously undergoing challenges by spirit, some of that I am sharing in “written” some will ever come out in book form. I have been a telepathic writer for some time now.

My background is Swedish, but I channel in English so sometimes my vocabulary can be very simple.

My main reason for channeling at all is due to my past experience as a marketing professional within the pharmaceutical industry, as well as other international businesses. Communication has brought me curiosity to what is possible. Nostradamus Speaks Again – Heaven Paradise is written in a nonverbal language but can easily be read by anyone curious to do so.

I have been mentoring people all my life due to my “inner vision” but far more due to my recent university studies as nurse.

Nostradamus Speaks Again – Art of Living is a guided book for readers with short messages that will support this “inner journey” with theme love is. and

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