To start becoming your “own channel” what would you do? Nothing presumably, but that is not really the truth you need to find a way to “communicate” through spirit to reach your highest potential. Highest potential, wouldn’t that be something. Use this booklet, and you will find a greater sense of inspiration.

Nostradamus Speaks Again™ – Heaven Paradise

This book is dedicated to those of you who believe in LOVE, pure.
This book is also dedicated to You who seek the TRUTH.
You will not be disappointed since we will All channel through the deepest message in ourselves. You are the message and you are also the ONE.
We will All be here, in our hearts and that is also why we now speak through this book Nostradamus Speaks Again™.
We will assist. You will work.
I will guide you as far as I can walk with my present shoes, further information about that later in this book.
Remain seated and enjoy your ride!

Nostradamus Speaks Again™ – Heaven Paradise

Elisabeth Jörgensen has a special message for all readers and she’s sharing it with you now. Her book Nostradamus Speaks Again™: Heaven Paradise challenges readers to live a fulfilling life by seeing themselves as one with others and the universe. Jörgensen encourages her readers to be themselves and be proud of who they are through her inspirational message for humanity.

Nostradamus Speaks Again™ – Art of Living – Special Edition no 1

This booklet is dedicated for your heart now inspired by source Nostradamus and his team™ will guide you into a new dimensional belief love is.